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Romantic blooms bouquet

Our Romantic Blooms bouquet has pastel colours evocative of springtime and early summer.

Pale roses, hydrangeas and dahlias abound, in a creamy combination of colours. And you can almost imagine the delicious fragrance they would carry!

Arrange in a simple hand-tied bouquet, or in an understated glass vase for maximum impact.

Please note that this is a ‘pick and mix’ bouquet which will come as separate flowers for you to arrange yourself. Choose the flowers you’d like from the list below.


There is no specific way to style these blooms, the more natural they appear the better. Many of them will need cutting down to fit the vase. You should do these individually so that each one works within the arrangement. The white rose spray (19562) can be cut down but then pulled three ways, this should be used as a starting point and then fill the gaps with greenery and flowers. Try and tease the longer stems out over the side of the arrangement so you don’t have them all clumped into the middle. The beauty of something so unstructured is that you can create this arrangement as shown, or you can add more or less to it to fit your own vase.


1 x White Rose Spray
2 x Traditional White Rose 
1 x Autumn White Hydrangea
2 x Coffee Cream Dahlia
1 x Peach Peony Rose
2 x Olive Spray
3 x Variegated Leaf Spray
2 x Short Stem Eucalyptus Bunch

Vase: Small Apothecary Vase

PLEASE NOTE: This bouquet has been so popular that many of the flowers and foliage items are currently out of stock. We recommend any of the following as wonderful substitutions: 20421 Single White Rose; 19050 Gray Spray Rose Peony; 19034 White Fashion Peony.

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